Pre-Designed Websites

Pre-Designed Websites

Truvu Marketing presents Pre-Designed Websites! Each contains everything you need in a business website. These websites are complete and ready-to-go. You need only make a few simple choices to select a design which is consistent with your company image, and determine the best way to promote it.

Our turnkey websites are well-designed to attract the eye, and focus attention where you need it to be. All designs are fully responsive and auto adjust to any screen size. We use clean, snappy designs, with balanced and harmonious colors. We make it easy to set things up just the way you want them.

Doing away with all the maintenance hassles is a blessing! You have a business to run and no time to waste fiddling with background tasks that don’t make you any money. Whether you’re in business to help people, or turn a handsome profit, you just want your system to work, reliably, every day. Downtime and complex problems to solve serve nobody! With Truvu Marketing everything just works.

If you happen to be knowledgeable, all the functions are right there where you expect them to be, and at your command. If you’re brand new to having your own website, everything is placed intuitively, right in front of you, so that every time you touch a control you are tempted to say “Oh…I get it!”

You can instantly blog, create and edit web pages, manage SEO, design landing pages, and link to all your social media; you can monitor your site traffic, capture sales leads, manage applications, and much more, all from one easy-to-manage control center. Everything is copacetic!

Turn your online footprints into lead magnets with our blogging software. Marketers can fuel their inbound marketing efforts with quality content publishing that is fully integrated with Social, SEO and all our inbound marketing tools.

  • Integrate your blog with Social Media
  • Easily write and post articles
  • Articles can display links, images and videos
  • Optimize your blog posts for search engines

Truvu Marketing integrates lead generation forms on your website, blogs or landing pages. Our all-in-one solution combines email marketing, prospect management and compelling online presence to ensure you convert at the highest rate possible.

Collecting testimonials from satisfied customers is a great way to build forward momentum for your retail business. New customers love to see great reviews from former customers.

Our Pricing

No large upfront development costs, just a low monthly fee.

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Additional Marketing Services:

  • Custom Pages and Content
  • Custom Features
  • eCommerce Features
  • Blogging Platform Set-Up
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Development and Marketing Implementation

We also build more customized websites.

Not sure what is right for your business? Tell us more about your business goals and we will contact you.

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